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About this documentation

This documentation is still in its early stages.

How to contribute

In order to contribute to the documentation, one has to follow the following steps :

  • Install MkDocs and the Material theme

    root@dfly# pkg install py39-mkdocs py39-mkdocs-material

  • Fork the git repository and clone your fork

    user@dfly% git clone
    user@dfly% cd

  • Build the website (check mkdocs build -h for more options about the building phase)

    user@dfly% mkdocs build
    INFO     -  Cleaning site directory
    INFO     -  Building documentation to directory: /home/youruser/
    INFO     -  Documentation built in 1.08 seconds 

  • (Optional step) Serve the website with MkDocs embedded server to

    user@dfly% mkdocs serve
    INFO     -  Building documentation...
    INFO     -  Cleaning site directory
    INFO     -  Documentation built in 1.06 seconds
    INFO     -  [18:25:58] Watching paths for changes: 'docs', 'mkdocs.yml'
    INFO     -  [18:25:58] Serving on
    INFO     -  [18:25:59] Browser connected:

  • Modify some content and rebuild the website (at least before commiting)

    # This is an example of how this page was created
    user@dfly% git checkout -b contribution # the git branch contribution is created
    add the desired content in docs/
    user@dfly% mkdocs build # then review the website or live-preview it if using the serve option
    user@dfly% git add docs/
    user@dfly% git commit -m "Add contribution instructions"
    user@dfly% git push origin contribution # we push to the remote contribution branch

  • Open a pull-request on the Github page

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